Business to Consumer E-Commerce…

Building the Business Case

Just as with a business-to-business solution, a business case must be built before embarking on an implementation, which means:
- understanding your objectives;
- understanding the business model;
- balancing costs against profits.

In assessing the cost-effectiveness of a business-to-consumer application it is useful to make the distinction between:
- existing businesses taking advantage of the web;
- small-time entrepreneurs seeing an sales opportunity and setting up a small shop front;
- and new Internet start-up companies with innovative ideas.

Designing and Running an E-Commerce website

This section will cover some of the same ground as the ‘Developing a website’ unit, but will be much more oriented to E-Commerce issues.

Domain Names and Trade Marks

When you register a domain name, it is associated with the server on the Internet you designate during the period the registration is in effect. The domain name consists of the name (e.g. ‘mcdonalds’), followed by a suffix of one or more labels indicating the type and origin of the domain (e.g. .com or



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