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Analysing website Visitors

When used effectively, site analysis software can provide you with valuable information about who is visiting your website and what pages they are viewing when they are there. Examples of the type of information that can be provided include:
- The sections of your site they are visiting;
- How long they stay on each individual page or in each section;
- The way that they navigate around your site;
- How they actually found your site.


One of the great strengths of the Internet is the way in which it allows for the personalization of marketing techniques, so that the marketing message actually addresses individual needs. This is frequently referred to as one-to-one marketing. The concept relies on gathering information about the customer so that the right message can be sent at the right time to match their identified requirements.

This can be done via any of the following three options:
- Log files
- Forms
- Cookies

Customer Relationship Management

CRM is an information industry term for the overall strategy, incorporating methodologies, software, and Internet capabilities, which help a company, manage customer relationships in an organized way.

Customer Satisfaction

Recent research indicates that the following things can result in serious customer dissatisfaction:

1. The product they were trying to buy was out of stock – serious thought should be given to the levels of stock to hold. However, if an item is unavailable then the website should certainly inform the customers that this is so.

2. The purchased item wasn’t delivered on time – the key here is not to make delivery promises that can’t be met. It also highlights the need for the E-Commerce provider to work closely with any distribution company that they may use.

3. Delivery cost was too high – some E-Commerce providers entice customers by offering very low product prices and then look to claw back some of the margin by charging high delivery costs. This point confirms that such a practice should be avoided.

4. Connection trouble – the E-Commerce business should ensure that there is enough capacity to serve large volumes of customers at peak times. Nevertheless there are times when such problems may be related to the customer end and to general network congestion on the Internet.

5. Didn’t get a confirmation or status report – the order confirmation should be generated automatically after the order is received in the order database. Customers of all businesses expect to receive order and credit card confirmation..



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